Q/M/S mediasystem picks up digital television signals either by cable network, the earthbound DVB-T method or satellite system, converts them into a multicast transport data stream and then simply transmits this via the Local Area Network (LAN) to an optional number of computers.



Via an additional streaming from the Internet IPTV and IP-radio can be made accessable. Additional options are produced by the integration of a video, content and recording server:

The video server offers the use of pay TV videos. Further, you can have an expansion with pay TV channels, with according decoders, possible.

The recording server can record 16 programmes parallel, which can be put back into the network if required. With Q/M/S mediasystem Gateway you can broadcast external MPEG-2 sources, e.g. live- cameras, into the local network.

The content server provides the allocation of an in-house intranet page and with that the expansion of an internal information system.