What is Q/M/S mediasystem?
Q/M/S mediasystem is a product which brings television and radio to local area networks (LANs). It consists of an appliance, server software and client software.

How does Q/M/S mediasystem work?
The signal that comes in via the digital satellite receiving system (or alternatively via cable or DVB-T) is converted into a multicast transport data stream within the Q/M/S appliance, fed into the local area network (LAN) and received by the client software on every standard Windows PC on the network.  The signal conversion occurs in real time without any delay.

How wide is the variety of output devices?
For the reception of Q/M/S mediasystem there are different clients and output devices. Either use an existing Standard Windows-PC, an existing TV apparatus (additional hardware box needed) or a Q-Soft certificated output device. For every output device a Q/M/S mediasystem Client license is needed.

What certificated output devices are available for Q/M/S mediasystem?
Firstly the Q/M/S mediasystem netTV 22” Network TV. This device delivers a complex reception apparatus with Ethernet connection for the local network. Secondly the Q/M/S mediasystem Health Care Patient Terminal, which can optional be modified in to a telephone solution. Furthermore, Q-SOFT offers different Q/M/S mediasystem Boxes with desktops (HDMI) from 15” to 52”.

How wide is the variety of channels?
With Q/M/S mediasystem, you have an almost unlimited range of channels at your disposal. All stations that are receivable by digital satellite receiving system (or alternatively by cable or DVB-T) can be watched or heard respectively. With an Appliance there can be 30-50 digital channels broadcasted over the local network. If more programmes are needed then there is the possibility to use another Appliance.

What are the requirements for Q/M/S mediasystem?
In addition to the Q/M/S mediasystem appliance plus server and client software, you must have a digital signal coming in from a satellite receiving system (or alternatively a cable or DVB-T), your existing local area network (LAN) and your existing standard Windows PCs or notebooks.

What features does Q/M/S mediasystem offer?
At this stage, Q/M/S mediasystem has a large number of extras to offer: you can use the well-known teletext function, you have the option of finding information using the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and you can record programmes directly to your Client PC using the Video Disk Recorder (VDR) function. Since Q/M/S mediasystem runs on a PC, recorded material can be edited immediately. Furthermore, Q/M/S mediasystem offers a unique multiple-choice screen, on which four to nine channels can be watched at the same time. The Q/M/S mediasystem Enhanced Client gives the opportunity to play DVD’s, CD’s and pictures additional to the TV programme and to record TV shows on the client PC with the function Video Disk Recorder (VDR). If Q/M/S mediasystem is working on a PC, then an immediate edition is possible.  

Furthermore, you can expand the client configuration of Q/M/S mediasystem for hotel-typical applications like Pay Video or video on demand, VoIP- telephony, Internet usage, e-mail, information-service-system (content server for in-house intranet page) and recording server that can record up to 16 programmes parallel and, if required, can put these recorded programmes back into the network. Also, you can broadcast Gateway MPEG-2 sources (e.g. live-cameras) into the local network with Q/M/S mediasystem.

What’s the picture quality of Q/M/S mediasystem like?
Due to the high picture quality, you won’t be able to tell the difference in quality from the quality on a normal television.

Are there high requirements for Q/M/S mediasystem?
No! After installation you can use Q/M/S mediasystem like any other PC programme.

What do you have to do to record a program?
With just one mouse click, you can record programs directly to your PC’s hard drive as you watch them (Q/M/S mediasystem Enhanced Client). With the use of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), you can pre-set a time-triggered function in order to record any program. Optional, the recording and filing of programs is also possible with the content and recording server.

Which security features are there?
Due to the distribution of rights in the Active Directory User Database, fraudulent use is impossible.

What do you save?
The entire TV and radio needed infrastructure.

Is Internet access needed for Q/M/S mediasystem?
No! You don’t need an Internet connection either, since Q/M/S mediasystem has nothing to do with Internet or IP television! However, Q/M/S mediasystem can be expanded with an Internet connection and a client for integrated VoIP-telephony.   

Does Q/M/S mediasystem save money?
Yes, due to the savings made on radio and TV sets, video recorders, coaxial wiring, signal boosters and PC-TV cards as well as the lack of maintenance costs incurred for all of these, the installation of Q/M/S mediasystem results in enormous cost reductions.

Which applications are possible with Q/M/S TV?
With Q/M/S mediasystem, television and radio can be supplied to entire computer networks affordably and dependably. The widest range of uses are possible in industry, universities and other educational establishments, their residential accommodation and in hotels, at big events for VIP-lounges and press centres, at elections and throughout the editorial offices of the widest range of media. Particularly for hospitals, old people’s homes and nursing homes respectively, a universal patient terminal is equipped with Q/M/S mediasystem operable instinctively by touch screen.
Are administration costs incurred if the colleagues of yours who watch Q/M/S mediasystem relocate within the company?
No, they simply have to connect their PC to the local area network at their new workplace. The extensive complications, such as construction noise and dirt, time and costs that with conventional TV are incurred for the installation of new coaxial cabling, do not apply to Q/M/S mediasystem at all.

How is Q/M/S mediasystem administrated?
By request, we take the counselling, attendance and support for your Q/M/S mediasystem appendix with our monitoring solution Q/M/S classics. Via telemaintenance we control function and possible problems, which can be solved through our service, around the clock.