Q/M/S mediasystem offers the following benefits:


  • comfortable

Q/M/S mediasystem is a complete and universal solution. All services are easily retrievable over  one single user surface.

  •  simple operation

Handling the user surface is intuitive without the use of a manual or instructions. All applications can be controlled optionally via touch-screen, remote-control or keyboard.


  • diverse

Next to the nearly unlimited program variety of the world-wide TV and radio offers are the full functions of a regular TV set (Videotext, EPG, digital video recorder). Additionally Q/M/S mediasystem offers extensive functionalities, e.g. room control, telephone, internet. Therefore the disciplinary boundaries are overcome and compatibly matched.


  • integral planning

Q/M/S mediasystem combines various services into one network. All services share the same IP network and the same infrastructure, which simplifies the planning for architects and engineers extremely.


  • savings

The connection of various services leads to significant potential savings. With the use of a single network, the facilitation of planning for engineers and architects and the forgoing of expensive room controllers, panels and other control elements, the costs drop on average up to 30%.


  • universal application

Q/M/S mediasystem is applicable in all building types and in a variety of different areas, independent of height, type and intended use of a property.


  • energy efficiency and sustainability

The intelligent, automated room-control limits the energy consumption to the exact extent that is necessary for the use of the room. This saves energy and lowers operating expenses. Thus, the heating system, for example, turns off automatically whenever the windows are opened. Furthermore heating, air-conditioning and lighting can automatically be reduced to a minimum when the room is not in use.


  • individual

Q/M/Smediasystem is set up in a modular way where the range of functions can be compiled and supplemented on an as-needed basis. Various interfaces allow for the full integration of additional components (e.g. surveillance video cameras)


  • TV in HD quality

With Q/M/S mediasystem you will receive the variety of digital TV in high-resolution easily on all receivers of your local network. Qualitatively the picture shown on the monitor does not differ from regular television.


  • complete package

With Q/M/S mediasystem you receive a complete package including all services, such as installation and administration. You will have a person of contact for all components and security questions in the areas of data, voice, video and security. Please get in contact with us.